Alright, so today was my first day back at work in over three months. Still only a half day, but it was enough! Up at 5:30, baby to his first day at the new daycare by 7:45. Felt awful about it, he was crying when I left.
Made it to work for 8:30, and by the time I arrived already felt like I’d run a marathon. The hot flashes I’m still getting (both the disease and the drugs cause them)ensured that any attempt I’d made at makeup or hair were long gone by the time I found my desk.
I had over 3000 emails to delete.
I can’t remember how anything works.
Because I’ve switched computers 3 times while I’ve been away, all my “favourites” for internet research are gone. I’ve been gone so long I don’t remember most of them. Took me all morning just to figure out how to navigate computer system again, and get all my passwords re-instated.
By the time I got home at two, ready to crawl back into bed and die.
My knees are killing me and my arms are like jell-o again.
Still have to get dinner started, get to the grocery store and should eventually vacuum the half inch of cat-hair out of the main floor.
I’m also full of the cold I picked up at Owen’s new daycare last week.
I took him in to visit for two days prior to his official start date today.
Wednesday last week I stayed with him while he met his new friends.
The new friends, all 15 of whom appeared to have the same cold, decided to pile on the new lady.
Toddlers can smell fresh meat.
The drugs I’m on to control this flare up essentially kill my immune system. There’s no other way to get it to stop attacking me.
I think I caught all fifteen of the little bugger’s colds.
So in short, THAT’S why there’s been no update here in over a week.