First, she suggested that I go back to my family doctor, since he’s no longer away.

My own family doctor doesn’t believe in auto-immune illnesses. He treats one symptom at a time, with the veiled suggestion that it’s actually all just due to some weakness in my character that I can’t get well.
He has no interest in whether or not the antibiotic he prescribes for a respiratory infection will cause a chain reaction in some other specialist’s department. I’ve already HAD one utterly ineffective round of oral antibiotics from my family doctor. I suspect that’s why I’m even sicker now. We’re building superbugs by inadequately treating them as they come along.

The nurse was very sympathetic, and PROMISED me she would follow up with all of my doctor’s to see if we couldn’t get ONE to stand up and say THIS IS MY PATIENT, I AM RESPONSIBLE, and find out which drugs, if any, were safe to take for the raging infection that’s currently running unchecked all through me. Don’t start the Cloxicillin.

That was five hours ago.

I’m getting sicker.

No one has called.

No one is answering their phone. Every four hours I take a sleeping pill. (same medication that’s in Benadryl, just a higher dose) It clears the worst of the congestion in my head and ears, and knocks me out so nothing else bothers me. So far, that’s all the help I’m getting.