Loved it!

Am totally dead from squee!

Tennant proved he’s very much capable of stepping into Eccleston’s enormous shoes! Beautiful and funny and still a touch of Nine’s angst,anger and passion. All gift wrapped in goofiness! Wonderful!

I ADORED Billie doing Cassandra as Rose. I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the depth of her talent as an actor.

Face of Boe was a wonderful little tidbit thrown out to us. I just hope they follow up with a resolution.

Well written, well acted and just plain pretty to look at!

Yeah, ok, there’s a BIT of technical stuff, like WHY do intraveinous drugs work on contact, WHY do all 10 000 intensive care “patients” have EVERY disease, and not one each, (seems redundant) and why haven’t they all just died from it before reaching adulthood, why do they all have such nice hair, if the cat nun fell down the shaft when they were climbing, why wasn’t the corpse of a cat nun at the bottom when they were curing everyone, etc, etc, etc…

But I HAPPILY suspend my own disbelief! That’s why it’s television, and not real life!

If you can’t get past these kinds of issues, go wank elsewhere!

Plenty of religious symbolism for them who wots that sort of thing.

On Easter weekend too! (rebirth, yadda yadda…)