So the Chatham show was a success.  I had a wonderful time, and performing for a weekend again was a powerful “kick in the ass’ type reminder of what my life choices are. 

I still choose to live rich and die poor. 

I saw many fabulous people whom I have not seen since the Ontario Renaissance Festival closed, and met many more new friends, with whom I hope to be able to stay in touch.  I have yet to find any other community that rivals the festivals in terms of a sense of belonging and a feeling of family.  The Tartan Terrors were very welcoming, and not for a moment did I feel like an outsider.  Eileen and Amanda, the two girls I was performing with, were very accommodating of me as the new girl, even though the two of them have performed together for years.  Saturday’s performance by the ‘Terrors  made me a touch homesick for our old show.  A day of performing followed by a Terror’s show is pretty close to perfect.  I’m sure for them the novelty has long since worn off, but I have to say, though I’ve seen it a thousand times. they still get me high.  It was marvelous to get to chat with the adorable Ian for a while on Friday night, as he was a favourite person of mine in the early days of ORF.  (I like the quiet people) Having gotten to know his lovely wife a little this weekend, (as I was working for her) am delighted that the two of them have found each other.  Ian is another very sweet soul who really deserves to be happy in love.  Meg is a cheerful, funny, outgoing little powerhouse who is the perfect Yin to his Yang.  Yays!!!! Both are really the kind of people that make life richer just for knowing.

The hotel was nice, and had an indoor water park.  Tom, if you’re reading this, I think EVERY Festival day should end between 3:00pm and 5:00pm with a soak in the hot tub and a swim in the pool, then a margarita in the bar.

In short, a good time was had by all!  I came home with a head bursting with new ideas for our band, and a renewed energy for making this work, hoping to get us all “out of the box” as soon as possible. 

Have uploaded a handful of pics from the show here.