There are worse ways to do it than with lavender scented sheets, an endless supply of hot chocolate, snow on the ground outside and a big stack of brilliant books.  Being sick gives you time to slow down and listen to your own thoughts.  If you can hear them over the hacking, but why ruin a lovely visual?

Currently I’m thinking how much fun it is to have a toddler who wears mittens with dummy strings.  I couldn’t help myself while getting him dressed for “school” this morning.  Had to reach in behind his neck and give a little yank on the string.  Pretty soon he’ll be too big, and I won’t be able to make him punch himself in the head with just a little tug on a string.  These fleeting moments of parenthood, once missed, are lost to us forever.  I’m working on socks with dummy strings for Sweet Hubby.  I could give his string a little pull and he’d kick himself in the pills….

My sister suggested combining the two, and having him do jumping jacks every time he scratched his nose.

Too bad I like him, because it would have been funny.

This is why you shouldn’t blog on codeine.

This is your blog.

This is your blog on codeine.

Any questions?