Laura wins the Internet for finding Studio A Mirador for us!

The final editing session as Nero’s Fiddle with our marvellous studio engineer, Chris Colvin (who is also made of win!) was a success, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the edited version of our upcoming cd.   It’s always a nice surprise to find out we can sound even better than I already know we do.  Hearing it recorded is a very different experience from what you hear in your head when performing.  Now it goes off to mastering once the other four of you have heard it all, and let me know that you are happy with it. 

I can’t say enough nice things about the studio and Chris in particular.  The entire place is comfortable, which was great for us.  Like working in someone’s living room.  Our shows are usually in pubs, and rehearsals tend to disintegrate into kitchen parties if we aren’t careful.  The homey atmosphere made it feel like we’d been there a million times already, and did a lot to dispel “studio jitters” and allow things to unfold naturally.  It was really wonderful to have an engineer who bought in to the sound so much that he actually spent his OWN time thinking about it, and went so far as to jump in and help out as a studio musician, adding a drum for us when we couldn’t figure out how to do it electronically or organically with the means we had available.  None of us would have expected that kind of investment from a complete stranger, who wasn’t the least bit “into” our type of music to begin with.  I would highly recommend them to anyone either looking to put a first CD together, or to any other small band, like us, that wanted a great environment and excellent support to record “live off the floor”.

Now that this is all done,  we have to start pushing BOOKINGS!

Right now if you want to see Nero’s Fiddle, you can catch us during the first weekend in June at the Gregor’s Crossing Medieval Faire in Chatham Ontario-we headline the night of Friday, June 1, after the Joust, if Chatham’s too far, we should also be at the FaeryFest in Guelph on the weekend of June 23-24.  If you miss that, we hope to be back at Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo on September 15, 2007.

We’ll keep you posted as we add dates.  But for now, here we are:

Here we are

I like this one (above) because you can’t see that my tongue is blue.

Likely saying something rude

I’m likely saying something rude here.

Laura and LES likely saying something rude

Laura and Les are likely saying something rude here.

Jen and Angela TOTALLY just said something rude!

Trudy's signature "Beer Solo"

Trudy performing her signature “Beer Solo”.

There IS an explanation for this

There IS an explanation for this.  But you’ll have to come see a show if you want to know what it is.

Boatman dance mix

And here’s us.  The only time the Boatman “Dance Mix” was ever performed live.

Here’s the video if you’re really desperate.  If you’re one of the 400-700 people that were within earshot that night, it might amuse you.  Want better sound?  Buy a CD!