I’ve taken today off.

Something called a “floating holiday”.  My company gives us each two of these a year.  A day off with pay to keep in your back pocket, that doesn’t cost you your vacation days, to help make up for being forced to work on holidays.  The visitation for my friend’s dad is this afternoon.  In the meantime, I’m resting.

Two back to back birthday parties, even though they went very well,  followed by a 10.5 hour shift working at 60% above plan (and staffing levels) has left me so tired I’m barely functional.  My hands feel like someone’s been hitting my fingers with a hammer.

Naturally, because I’m off today, Hurricane Owen got up at twenty to six.  It never fails.  Sweet Hubby is giving him a bath and getting him dressed for school.  Once they leave, I’m going back to bed until I have to get up to go to the funeral home.

So please don’t call me.

I won’t answer anyway.