Today is Wednesday, so I’m home.  And for the first time in weeks, no one has died, there is no car to repair, no cd to drive almost four hours round trip to collect, and no particular demands on my time, beyond shovelling a layer of toys back into the toy cupboard so that my living room doesn’t look like I’m running a daycare.  

I spent a ridiculous amount of time in a very hot bath soaking away the last of the aches after spending Sunday careening around the Toronto Zoo in pursuit of Hurricane Owen.

I had “virtual coffee” with my favourite aunt for the first time in weeks, and even though it was far too short, it was lovely to sit down and chat for a moment without ten much more pressing things nagging at me.

Then I shopped with a friend and came home to muck about on the computer.  In all it was a nice, quiet day.  I need more nice, quiet days…