Ok, for those of you who have asked, here’s what happened.

I took Hurricane Owen to see Bob the Builder at the Mall on Wednesday. Not a big deal, Treehouse Television is touring him all over the country this summer.

Owen sat patiently through the first ten minutes or so, then, like a shot, ran off to the side of the audience, and had climbed up the side of the stage while Mommy was still stepping over the mass of assembled pre-schoolers trying to reach him.

He then stood on stage and shouted “I have to talk to you!” and promptly went supernova when Mommy and the Bob Bouncers gently ejected him.

The problem? He told me later in the car.

He couldn’t remember what he’d done with his toy “Muck”. (The red digger from Bob’s army of evil talking machines)

He figured if anyone would know where Muck was, Bob would.

We may be banned from all future performances, I’m not sure.