With the aid of prednisone and pain killers, as well as another course of antibiotics, I’m on the mend again, and should be back in the saddle at work by Monday. I’m still sore, and there’s still fallout. There’s an MRI to be scheduled and cortisone shots to be scheduled to go into my hip joints and in between vertabrae again. The X-Rays show osteoarthritis affecting hips, lumbar and cervical spine, as well as knees. The MRI is to determine soft tissue inflamation and other effects of auto immune weirdness on the bits of me that don’t show up on an x-ray. We’ve yet to determine exactly why I still feel as though I have a large pitchfork lodged between my shoulder blades, extending through to my chest.

(I did have hubby check the obvious possible cause)

I’m ok with upping the pain meds and heading back to work. I actually DO like my job. I just hope they’re ready.

Prednisone does some great things in terms of making pain bearable, and restoring movement. It also makes it easier to write, strangely enough. Though it makes sleeping soundly pretty near impossible.

It also makes me a complete spaz.

Seriously. When on prednisone I’m easily distracted, prone to brutal hot flashes (and unsightly, nerdtastic cold sweats) and a complete klutz, of the sort that drops her keys down the little space between the elevator and the floor I’m trying to exit to, gets her hair stuck in the door while trying to retrieve them, spills her purse all over the elevator trying to free her hair…well, you get the idea. My hands shake, my arms are week and I’m just…addled. Hopefully, as this is a short course, I will be feeling more like myself again sooner, rather than later, but if you have the misfortune of sitting near me, be warned.

It’s not my fault. It’s the drugs I’m on.