Ok, so we took a chance and replaced the slab of granite mattress that we’ve been sleeping on for the last then years last month. I say took a chance, because it was expensive, and due to the most recent flare of the auto-immune condition I’m always struggling with, I’m off work again on medical leave. (The insurance company never recorded my return to work last year, and there was some question as to whether or not I was covered, resulting in a 6 week delay in benefits, but that’s another story) It was necessary, because not being able to stand the touch of your own bed when you’re sick isn’t exactly conducive to recovery. I was glad to see it go, even though it’s going to take me until February to pay for.

Apparently the old mattress must have said something to the washing machine on the way out the door, because it quit this weekend. All of my cars and major appliances conspire to break down together, usually when money is tight. We live in a cozy little rented townhouse. The dryer is part of the rental, and therefore not my problem. Naturally, it’s working just fine. However, due to their habit of breaking frequently, tenants are on their own to provide and maintain a washing machine.

We did well. My father, a cross between Red Green and Mac Guyver, found an ancient model at the re-use center and bought it for $25.00. Then he added another $20.00 worth of new pipes and bits, and for six years, I’ve had a working washing machine that was all but free.

Good deal!

Naturally, when it quit, my first impulse was to call MacDad, and ask him if he could work his magic. Dad did his best, but I’m afraid we got a little more Red Green than Mac Guyver this time, and now my washing machine is possessed. The settings on the dial bear no resemblance to what it will actually do. Going to the normal “fill” setting causes it to spin like mad while empty, it has lost the “warm” cycle altogether, and now doesn’t stop at all. Ever. “Delicate” causes it to vomit scalding hot water all over the dryer, and “off” causes it to begin filling all over again. If you leave it unattended, it will wash, (Very hot. Very, very, very hot)rinse, spin and repeat forever, until the hot water tank is totally empty. Kind of a roll the dice, take your chances kind of deal. So today ended with me wringing the water out of the cleanest dark load in the history of laundry, ever, because the spin cycle had gone AWOL.

So now we’re combing Craigslist and the classifieds looking for a new, old washing machine.