A present for anyone trying to eat lighter, but not willing to give up a good weekend breakfast.

2 lbs lean minced turkey
1 tsp ground black pepper
1.5 tsp salt
1 tsp sage
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger.

Crumble turkey into a mixing bowl, then add other ingredients and blend thoroughly.

Shape into sixteen 2.5 inch patties, and fry in ungreased, non-stick pan until golden, turning to brown both sides, until no pink remains.

Eat.  It tastes like sausage.  Really.

Freeze unused cooked patties for later use. (Turkey doesn’t last long with ordinary refrigeration)

2 patties = 85 calories (VS commercially prepared pork sausage patties, with 2 patties coming in at 280 calories!)
5 g fat
45 mg cholesterol
275 mg sodium
10g protein
Diabetic exchanges 2 very lean meat, 1/2 fat.
Weight Watchers-4 points per 2 patties (or 2 points each,  figure it out!)

Revel in your culinary prowess.  You just made homemade sausage, and hour house smells like it.

To put it in perspective, you can have two Eggo Plus blueberry waffles, 1/4 cup diabetic syrup, (which is quite palatable, as long as you buy the Splenda kind) and a sausage patty for the same approximate calories as a bowl of Special K with a sliced banana on top.  Each has it’s place, but around here we like our weekend breakfasts.