Yup! The bakery that made the cake for our wedding, ten years ago today, made another little one just for us this morning, so we had wedding cake and coffee for breakfast!

I’ve been married to Sweet Hubby for ten years today, and, in spite of periodically fantasizing about holding a pillow over his face while he sleeps, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. On the surface, we seem like an odd couple…he’s all patient and soft spoken and sweet natured and I’m all, well, NOT any of those things. But for some freaky reason we work. And still really LIKE each other. He makes me laugh, gets the things that are important to me, knows how to wind me up just for sport like nobody else can, and I don’t have to dumb the jokes down for him. (Nor for most of you who read this page either, but the world’s a big, slip-on-dummy-shoe-wearing place!)

Romantic love is funny, it comes and goes depending on about a billion external distractions and stresses. Sometimes a bit less, sometimes more, but even on the days I wasn’t sure I was in LOVE I’ve never not been very deeply in LIKE with Sweet Hubby. The rest always comes back, (even if our “doin’ it on the diswasher days” might be mostly behind us)but the foundation of LIKE holds us together in between.

I think we work mostly BECAUSE we’re such an odd match. If we were both like me, we’d have punched each other’s lights out before the first date had ended. (He was late)

If we were both like HIM, we’d still be ON the first date. (A man of decisive action, he ain’t!)

But together, we balance each other out.

I’m a better person because of him.

And even if I knew then what I know now, I’d choose him again in a heartbeat.

Happy 10th to my wonderful partner in crime, and perfect moving buddy!