It’s been four days of hell.

Tropical Depression Owen was sent home from school on Monday with a fever or 103.

Idiot GP who has prescribed 19 courses of antibiotics for me in 22 months immediately declared it to be an ear infection and put him on amoxcillen.

Yesterday the first of four two year molars broke through on the top left. The right looks ready to break through any time.

Motrin, Orajel and cuddles seem to be more effective than the antibiotics, which we are now committed to, even though they are upsetting his stomach.

He woke up screaming this morning after (thankfully) sleeping through the night for the first time since last Friday.

When we finally deciphered the words between the sobs, he was saying “No sore teeth! No WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY…”

Here’s hoping this doesn’t last too much longer, Sweet Hubby and I are both beat.