Both of my boys are back out the door again, after a surprisingly busy weekend!

I’m not sure how being at home on sick leave can feel like so much more work than work did sometimes.

At least the sun is shining, and I have until after 3 today to get the house back in order before my next doctor’s appointment. I may take it a bit slow today. Sweet Hubby and I are both beat, and Hurricane Owen now has TWO out of four two year molars broken through now. He was up from 3:30am until 5:00am again today. Poor Hubby. I’m taking amitriptyline at bedtime now to counter the insomnia, and help with the pain at night, so I don’t even hear him. Sweet Hubby just keeps soldiering through, getting up with baby and trying not to wake me, sleeping very little some nights, while working two jobs. Mostly, he still even manages to continue to be his sweet self in spite of it all, though after another WEEK of disturbed nights, even my sweet superman of a spouse is beginning to look a little ragged. I think sometime soon a little present “just cause” may be in order. No one has to TELL me that I won the jackpot in the spousal lottery.

On top of the teething, Hurricane Owen has developed a bad case of TWO.

TWO is a lot like being a teenager, it seems, only too small to steal my car. Or reach the doorknob for a truly dramatic exit, for that matter, but you can see watching him that he would if he could. He’s learning words at an alarming rate, and knows how to say “NO” very specifically, to an alarming number of things. On top of that, he’s begun dreaming, and wakes up at night with nightmares as well as teething pain. We’ve finally stopped dreaming about getting “L-M-N-O-Peanut butter” in our eye, which happened almost two months ago, and gave him nightmares for weeks. Now I think he’s having more abstract dreams. Yesterday he woke from nap just SCREAMING, “No Daddy drive a boat!”. Then dissolved into sobs. I have no idea what it was about, but he cried for half an hour, then, like turning a switch, he was fine again.

Toddlers are strange.

To top it all off, we all have colds again.

I’m beginning to feel like we’re being punished for something.

So poor Sweet Hubby is off to job#1 to try to drag himself through another day, and I’m off to clean up the wreckage of my kitchen and living room.

They were both spotless when I went to bed last night. I’m beginning to suspect that Aerosmith are secretly living in my basement somewhere, and they sneak out at night and trash my house while I sleep.

Stephen Tyler is in HUGE trouble if I ever catch him.