Well, ok.  I know it’s been a while since my last meaningful update. 
Sue me.  I’ve been busy.

I started back to work part time on Monday, and found things same old same old there.  More work than bodies to do it, so would you mind terribly just jumping in the deep end straight away please? 

You know.  The usual.

The good news is that I’m only on 4 four hour shifts a week, for now.  I’ll be adding an hour every few weeks as I feel fit, but won’t be back to FULL time until September.  In the meantime, I’ll just have to go, do my job and go home, and not let the cursed place trick me into thinking it matters in any way to the grand scheme of things. 

That’s when it gets stressful.

Otherwise, I’m handling it.  I’m a bit sore right now, but have been a good girl, walking RELIGIOUSLY for an hour a day since April, even if it kills me.  Hurricane Owen is napping, my best friends are playing phone tag with me while learning how to be parents to their beautiful new baby boy, I visited the wonderful Aunt Sissy and Uncle Adam on the weekend, and all is right with the world.  Even the looming family reunion picnic Sweet Hubby’s family has issued a command performance edict for this coming Saturday can wreck today.  We’ll deal with that when it happens.  In a pinch, a toddler is ALWAYS a great excuse for leaving early.

Still dealing with a bit of the “not inspired to write a damned thing” that always happens once I drop prednisone, but it’s been three weeks off it completely now, and I feel like I’m slowly regaining my equilibrium, and all the aches and pains that come with it.  That’s the price of getting off the drugs.  It seems I’m always going to be stuck with the devil’s choice:  Suffer now or suffer later.  For now I’ll deal with as much as I can handle and cut my risks of permanent damage to all the major organs and stay off the drugs.  We’ll see how I do.

The only other news is that I”m sitting in my LIVING room right now.  Yep, the main floor now has the Interweb.  It’s still not the wireless that Sweet Hubby promised, but it DOES mean that I can use the computer (thanks to Dad for the indefinite loan of the laptop) and keep an eye on Owen at the same time.   It was becoming problematic to run up or downstairs to use the computer, both because there are days when stairs are damned near impossible, and because Owen has developed the habit of either taking the living room apart or stashing things in the VCR as soon as I turn my back. 

Today I found a granola bar in it.

Off to go wake the sleeping boy now, as if I let him sleep much longer, I’ll still be trying to put him to bed at midnight.  I DO have to work tomorrow, you know.