And not actually too bad.

Ok, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here.  It’s surprising how little time I have now that I’m working again. 

I’m still only doing 6.5 hrs, 4 days a week, but the cost to me is that I’m in bed most nights at the same time as Hurricane Owen in order to have those hours to put in.  I’m still struggling with constant joint pain, and, this week, have been off for days again.  It seems I ignored a cold, and with no immune system to stop it, have managed to end up with another kidney infection (the steroids and immunosuppressants leave my kidneys weak, and very vulnerable, it seems) and a touch of pleuresy.  I *almost* made it to work Monday morning before the kidney pain got so bad it left me seeing stars and sent me to the doctor instead.  Rather like being stabbed in the back. 

So, sorry I never got back to you on Monday, Aunt Kate.  That’s what happened.

Anyhow, 48 hours into steroids again and a high dose of antibiotics and everyone waiting to see if the combination is going to trigger another bleed or just help restore balance. 

I’m feeling MUUUUUCH better now.

Oh well.  I still don’t have to look to far to find a lot to be thankful for.  The health concerns have become so commonplace that they’re little more than a nuisance most of the time. 

Besides, chemo drugs are a great weight loss programme.

In other news, Hurricane Owen is growing like a weed, and doing amazing new things every day.  He’s learning to read, using the potty sporadically and all but changing his own diapers when he doesn’t.  He uses words like “useful” and “wierdo” quite correctly, and sings almost constantly.  It figures the rude songs are the ones he learns first.

I wonder where he got that from.

He also does some very puzzling things. 

Monday, he got his ear stuck in the baby gate. 

I have no idea how, I’d stepped out of the room for about thirty seconds to answer the door when I heard the crash. 

One pressure mounted baby gate lying on the floor, with a very surprised Big Cat under it, and Owen on top, with his left ear stuck in it. 

If I’d asked him to do it, he’d never have figured out how. 

As it is, he hasn’t been able to tell me what it was that he was doing that led to him having his ear stuck in the gate in the first place.  Judging from it’s position after the crash though, I’d say the living room telephone had something to do with it.

Today, he’s been very quiet, which is how I’m able to be updating.  It’s been a rainy day, so I took him to Mick-A-Donals for breakfast and to play in the “playland” instead of trashing my living room.  He came home, read his books, watched a Maurice Sendak video and put himself down for a nap. 

So yeah, aliens have stolen my baby.

If he’s not back after naptime, I will be off kicking some alien butt someplace. 

For those who have been wondering though, we’re still hangin’ in.  Our little nation of three is the same as ever.  Sweet Hubby is still his sweet self, and things have been unusually peaceful in the Howard House for much of the summer.