And so is my creaky old self. 

On cold windy days no amount of clever things like rolled blankets under doors can keep the cold air from blowing in through all the cracks.

Which makes everything hurt.

I have a list of errands that need running that is a mile long, an enormous pile of housework to do and a lot of other things that need my attention.

What I want is a book-not something too thinky today,  (Foucault’s Pendulum is still sitting accusingly on the table, reminding me I haven’t finished it!) a blanket, and a cup of tea.

A little quiet time with some happy bit of fluff and a chance to warm up would do me a lot of good.

Instead, I’m going to go look for my car keys. 

I last saw them in the back of a freight car, being “zoomed” around a lego train track.

Then I have to go out.