Well, after less than two months, and just one bloody head injury too many, the new coffee table has been banished to the basement, and replaced with a piece donated by my sister and her spousal euphemism.  The new table was an extra tall coffee table, with storage compartments inside it, and very sharp corners.  This morning’s direct intersection between toddler forehead and sharp corner was the last of maybe a couple of dozen.

I KNOW my in laws mean well, but I really DO wish they wouldn’t make decisions like replacing my living room furniture without discussing it with us first.  It would be lovely if just once in a while they would credit us with possibly having REASONS for leaving things the way they are.  Like the area rug they tried to buy for the playroom LAST year.  Nothing says “drop a yogourt here” like a nice thick pile area rug in the middle of the toddler’s play area.

Now I have three mismatched tables, considerably less table space, and a living room that looks even junkier than before, even though each individual piece is quite nice.

The new table will gather dust in the basement until Owen is old enough not to need a table he can colour at, eat at, stand on, use for doing play-doh and for head injuries to no longer be an issue.