I have no phone or Internet service at home at the moment.

Haven’t had since Thursday, after the snowstorm. 

I managed to connect to the Interweb briefly this morning on the laptop by placing it in the upstairs window with the USB key finding the unprotected wireless connection in the neighbourhood.

We’ve connected a phone directly to the demark point, and there is no service coming into our house at all.  We’ve paid our bills, it’s not that.  Something has gone awry in Bell’s cabling outside of the house.

Have you ever tried to call Bell with a service issue?


First off, you get a call centre in India.  With someone who insists the problem is your inside wiring, despite the evidence to the contrary.  Then they tell you that they aren’t going to send anyone ever, unless you sign up for their $7.00/month service plan.  Despite the contract for residential service that says if the problem is OUTSIDE your walls, it’s a BELL issue.

So if you’re trying to reach me, and wondering why you can’t, that’s why.