Anyone want to guess what it costs to replace a split PVC Boot and suspension rod/kit in a 1995 Ford Windstar?

Time’s up.


Dammit. Add the extra four hours I had to take off work to rescue a stranded Sweet Hubby then collect Hurricane Owen, as we are now down to one car for the weekend. It stings a bit.

I shouldn’t bitch. We have something very few people have.

We have a fairy godmother with impeccable timing, and deep pockets. T’was her bought us the van in the first place when the last car died while I was on sick leave and had been largely sans income for three months.

Because of her, things like this suck huge, but aren’t devastating.

Oddly the broke van has me more occupied with counting my blessings than cursing my luck.

That may change when I get back to work on Monday and get fired for having to leave early after just having missed an entire week (with no pay) again, due to an auto-immune flare that resulted in a painful case of pleuresy, and rather frightening heart palpitations. (fluid in the lining of one’s heart can do that, apparently)

For now though, I’m a bit bummed that that’s $889.89 that we won’t be getting ahead, (At this rate, we’ll never own a house, or be able to afford a second child) however, I’m actually more grateful that the rent will still clear, the freezer’s full, and the house, though rented, is cozy and happy.

If you haven’t heard from us in a while, it’s just that we’ve been busy. We’re still ok. If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the blessings we’ve counted in the last hour or so.