Ok, so summer has kind of gotten away from me this year.

It hasn’t been too bad a summer, all things considered. I’m still getting sick a lot, more on that later.

We took Hurricane Owen Camping with my parents at Rock Point Provincial Park for a week in August. While the surf was too rough for him to swim in pretty much the whole week, he DID get to drive grandma’s scooter, so it was all good. Good enough, even to make up for a week that was largely hot and rainy, except when it was cold and rainy. There was ONE perfect day, though, right in the middle. Owen still had a terrific time, and it really matters to me that he has some really great memories of special time spent with his grandparents.

Otherwise, it has mostly been a summer of trying to balance work and illness. About a month ago now, my specialist and I decided that I was *this* close to being in remission, and, as Sweet Hubby and I have been talking about wanting another baby before I’m 40, and I would need to be off all meds 6-8 months before we can even consider such things, that we would try going med free for a while, and see what happened.

Then he went on vacation.

I got two good weeks.

Now back on prednisone as of this morning to try to get bleeding and joints under control before I leave for the US on Wednesday.

We have our biggest show of the year next weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival- http://www.rennfest.com – and I’m the sickest I’ve been this year. Stairs are causing problems, which has me slightly dreading the hilly terrain at the faire, and back pain is making me a little nervous about making the 8-10 hour drive alone.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t miss this show for the world. As my bandmate said, visiting Maryland isn’t QUITE like going home for us. It’s the same company that we worked for here in Ontario for nine years, but on a MUCH larger scale. It’s more like visiting your older, much cooler sister. There are dear friends that I can’t wait to see, and the idea that my health is going to slow me down even SLIGHTLY is pissing me off greatly.

I still have one more ten hour workday to get through tomorrow, then should be on the road by 8am on Wed. I’m going to miss Sweet Hubby and Hurricane Owen, but schedules this year are a tad hectic.

We perform Saturday and Sunday, I drive the 8-10 hours back on Monday, then am back at my desk for a 10 hour workday on Tuesday. The following Saturday we’re performing in Waterloo at Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo Park West, then the weekend after that, Sweet Hubby is off to Chatham without me to perform at their “Heritage Days” festival.

Our next free weekend is the fourth weekend in October, so if you’ve been wondering why I never post anything here anymore, that’s why. I will post a Maryland Redux when we get home.

Wish us luck!